False Flag Attacks: Blaming the Enemy of My Enemy: Detect ‘18 Presentation Series

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<h2>False Flags Shift Blame and Make It Harder to Track the Origins of an Attack</h2><p>A false flag attack is a technique used to shift the blame or to make attribution for an attack harder to determine. The term is derived from pirate ships that flew flags of different countries as a way to conceal their country of origin.</p><p>Within the last few years, this technique has been used more and more by sophisticated threat actors which makes attribution and connecting campaigns to a specific group harder. For example, the cyber attack during the Olympic opening ceremony used false flag techniques to shift the attribution to multiple nations. This presentation, given by Joakim Kennedy and Ryan Robinson from Anomali, will take a look at nation-state actors’ use of false flags and why attribution is difficult. Is this a new trend and what can we learn from it?</p><h3>Watch this on-demand presentation to learn more about false flags and attribution.</h3>