Filling the Threat Intelligence Gap in Your Cyber Security Resilience Strategy

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<p>ON-DEMAND WEBCAST</p><p>85% of organizations surveyed in the 2019 Ponemon Institute Research report say threat intelligence is important for a strong security posture, but 41% say they have not made progress in the effectiveness of Threat Intelligence data.<br /> <br /> The difference is the Threat Intelligence Gap; this is an opportunity for adversaries to attack your organization’s cyber defense blind spot. Reducing this gap shines a light and exposes these covert external threats, forces adversaries out of hiding and lessens their impact which can and have proven to be catastrophic.<br /> <br /> This presentation will explore five takeaways:</p><ul><li>Establish a formal and dedicated team to manage threat intelligence activities</li><li>Allocate adequate budget to threat intelligence</li><li>Participate in threat intelligence sharing</li><li>Increase the security team’s knowledge of adversaries</li><li>Improve ability to integrate threat intelligence with your tools</li></ul><p><strong>Watch the on-demand presentation led by Parthi Sankar, Cyber Solutions Consultant at Anomali, to leverage the gap in your threat intelligence.</strong></p>