Hands-On Overview and Demo of Anomali XDR Solution

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<h2>Detect and Respond at Scale</h2> <p>Get a detailed overview showcasing how The Anomali Platform solves for XDR capabilities. Watch a comprehensive demo on our big data engine that correlates all telemetry with global intelligence to detect and respond at scale. Learn how existing ThreatStream customers can easily upgrade to The Anomali Platform by adding Match, with new cloud capabilities that work together with existing ThreatStream and Lens in a cloud-native model.</p> <p>In this session, Victor Buonocore, Principal Product Manager, and Andrew de Lange, Technical Director of Anomali, cover: </p> <ul> <li>The challenges of establishing cyber resilience</li> <li>Match Cloud + ThreatStream = The Anomali Platform</li> <li>Why you need enhanced capabilities </li> <li>The key benefits of upgrading</li> <li>Live demo of Cloud XDR</li> </ul> <p><strong>Watch the webinar for an overview of The Anomali XDR Solution and see a detailed product demo.</strong></p>
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