Honeypots and The Art of Deception: Detect ‘18 Presentation Series

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<h2>Honeypots, honeynets, honeytokens, honey…</h2><p>It&#39;s very likely you&#39;ve heard of honeypots, but unlikely you&#39;ve considered deploying them in your environment for a number of reasons. This presentation will change everything. David Greenwood will walk you through a brief history of cyber deception and show how you can turn simple deception campaigns into valuable threat intelligence.</p><p>We&#39;ll focus on:</p><ul><li>The history of deception</li><li>How to use deception techniques to source high-value threat intel</li><li>The concept of hacking back</li></ul><h3>Watch this presentation to understand all about deception in regards to threat intelligence.</h3>