How Do I Build a CTI Theme into a Threat Intelligence Platform?: Detect ‘19 Series

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<p>ON-DEMAND WEBCAST</p><p>A Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) team focuses on several themes based on the defined threat landscape of their organization.</p><p>Themes could be Financial Crime, Brand Abuse, Data Breaches, etc. Selecting the right threat intelligence and enrichment sources to feed into your Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP), is the key to effectiveness.</p><p>How do you build a theme in a TIP? To do this, the sources of the data will need to be tagged using a defined taxonomy. Based on these tags, filters can be created to show new indicators as they are consumed in the TIP.<br /> <br /> <strong>In this on-demand presentation, Gino Rombley discusses how to build a CTI Theme in a Threat Intelligence Platform. Watch it now.</strong></p>