Detect LIVE April 22 — How Mimecast Achieves Multiple Objectives and Stakeholder Requirements Through the Fusion of Data

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<h2>Fusion Provides Situational Understanding Instead of Situational Awareness</h2> <p>The success of a business necessitates the requirement to deliver value, which is increasingly difficult in a volatile, complex, and hyper-connected environment. These variables can quickly diminish the probability of achieving business objectives by increasing the risk of a cybersecurity event or impacting operational capability.<br /> <br /> Mimecast’s strategic objective is to build a secure foundation we can have confidence in and operate successfully in this environment. Mimecast works to provide decision-makers with greater understanding and not just awareness of a risk. </p> <p>This session features Phillip Hay, Senior Cyber Threat Intelligence Lead at Mimecast and Alex Beattie, Sales Director of Northern Europe at Anomali.</p> <p>Our experts covered:</p> <ul> <li>Defining cyber fusion</li> <li>How the fusion of data assists an organization’s operations</li> <li>Identifying and fusing the right information</li> </ul> <p><strong>View this informative discussion to boost your confidence in navigating the ever-changing threat landscape. </strong></p>
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