Building a Threat Intelligence Program: The Power of Tagging with Air Canada


How To Build a Threat Intelligence Program: The Power of Tagging with Air Canada

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Air Canada Provides A Power-User’s Perspective on the Value of Tagging in Anomali—Featuring iON

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This webcast is the first in a series that demonstrates best practices for building effective threat intelligence programs with Anomali. You’ll hear from industry experts, Anomali power-users, and internal employees alike.

Not all threat intelligence platforms are created equal. While many allow you to ingest threat intelligence feeds from different sources, tagging data is a critical next step where some platforms miss the mark. Without the ability to tag data security teams lose the ability to add context to indicators.

If you’re interested in increasing the efficiency of your security analysts, start with the building blocks of threat hunting. In this webcast, Robert Zagorsky, President, Principal at iON provides a unique perspective on going beyond importing threat intelligence to the importance of managing and operationalizing your intel.

Then, Kyle Howson, CSOC Specialist, IT & Cyber Security Operations, of Air Canada walks through the different ways to leverage tagging in the Anomali threat intelligence platform, building on his firsthand experience as a power-user.

We discuss:

  • The benefits of tagging threat intelligence
  • How to build out tagging frameworks with Anomali
  • High value use cases leveraging intel tagging

Uncover the power of tagging and put it to work for your security team today!