How Oklahoma CyberCommand is Using CTI to Save their State


Detect LIVE April 21 — Hunt, Bourne, and Ryan are Amateurs | The State of Oklahoma

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How Oklahoma Cyber Command is Using CTI to Save the World—Or at Least One State

Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) is an ever-evolving arena. Solid intel can prevent catastrophe, but bad intel can wreak havoc. There will always be known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns. The key is to limit those unknown unknowns and to provide actionable threat intelligence to inform your cybersecurity teams. 

CTI is most often used for threat detection, prevention, and response, but according to the 2020 SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence Survey, there’s an “other” category used by 2% of the survey respondents. In this session, Matt Singleton, CISO at The State of Oklahoma, Office of Management and Enterprise Services talks about what “other” means to The State of Oklahoma as well as:

  • Creating the Oklahoma Cybersecurity Alliance 
  • The importance of aligning with federal partners and state agencies 
  • How cyberspace is infiltrating the physical world
  • Using CTI against fraud, for public health and safety, and counterterrorism

Watch this engaging session from Matt to hear how The State of Oklahoma is leveraging CTI to build partnerships, drive creative solutions, and protect its citizens and data!