Inadvertent Adversary—Unwitting Foes in the Workplace: Detect ‘19 Series

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<p>ON-DEMAND WEBCAST</p><p>In any organization, the weakest link is always human error. A threat actor does not need to expend effort in social engineering to gain secrets when employees give sensitive information out freely.<br /> <br /> In this on-demand presentation, Ryan Robinson and Parthiban Rajendran, security researchers at Anomali, delve into common services and software that users unwittingly leak company confidential information potentially resulting in substantial damage. A case study will show Fortune Global 500 companies, government entities, and defense contractors leaking out information and source code to the public without any authentication via project management resources and information collaboration workspaces.</p><p>While employees are becoming more security-aware because of training and phishing exercises, an abundance of legitimate emails and documents are inadvertently being uploaded to the public eye by security-conscious workers who believe they are performing their due diligence.<br /> <br /> <strong>Watch the on-demand presentation now.</strong></p>