Insights for CISOs: Threat Intelligence | Frost & Sullivan and Anomali

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<p>The threat landscape continues to evolve rapidly, fueling the demand for threat intelligence solutions. In a complex scenario where cyberattacks are increasing in sophistication and volume, threat intelligence allows organizations to shift to a proactive approach when dealing with this ever-evolving threat landscape. Having access to information about threat actors, including their motivations and techniques, among other key insights, enables organizations to make faster and more informed security decisions to prepare and protect the business.</p> <p>Watch the webinar with Frost & Sullivan, Steve Benton, VP of Anomali Threat Research; Nick Palmer, VP of Global Sales, Group-IB; and Yochai Corem, CEO, Cyberint, to hear perspectives on how threat intelligence has evolved over the years, the different types of intelligence, and what CISOs need to consider when partnering with a threat intelligence provider.</p> <p>In addition, the speakers discuss the benefits of threat intelligence for organizations of different maturity levels and how CISOs can monetize those benefits to ensure a successful cyber threat intelligence program.</p>
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