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<h2>Mitigate Your CyberSecurity Risk Through Threat Detection</h2> <p>The resource you are about to view is a 18-minute long video.</p> <p>36% of companies surveyed by Dark Reading<sup>1</sup> state that not having an automated process is the biggest limitation to detect threats on their networks. These firms are facing common challenges like alert fatigue from noise in their system, lack of threat detection on historical data that may reveal top breaches that lay in wait for an attack, and siloed intel that is rendered useless without context for each stakeholder.</p> <p>To counter these issues it’s key to ensure alert relevance to avoid fatigue with automated and prioritized requirements, this relevant intel can then be used in response plans and procedures with an expanded attack surface that includes all relevant intel, and that shared intel is then built with stakeholders in mind so they can prioritize remediation and take action.</p> <p>We’ll show you how a bidirectional continuous retrospective search can speed and optimize threat detection, investigation, and response by orchestrating global intelligence that can be utilized by your full security team—this approach is particularly critical for events like Sunburst.</p> <p><sup>1</sup><a href="https://www.anomali.com/resources/whitepapers/the-state-of-threat-detection-and-response">The State of Threat Detection and Response, Anomali and Dark Reading</a></p>
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