Is Your Treadmill Running Without You?—Secure Your IoT Secrets : Detect ‘18 Presentation Series

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<h2>Is Having Everything Connected Worth the Risk?</h2><p>The world is full of things, we have things in our pockets, things that protect our homes, things that help us get fit, and things that keep our lights on. Most, if not all of these things have some form of internet connectivity. The emerging need to keep everything connected is increasing at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, many of these devices are one and done firmware or software downloads. So how do we protect against our devices sharing our innermost secrets—like how many days it’s been since I have stepped on the treadmill?<br /> <br /> In this presentation, Nicholas Hayden, Senior Director of Threat Intelligence from Anomali, will also cover how the retrospective analysis, coupled with the Advance Threat Matching of Anomali, can save you from leaking your last meal eaten, and protect you from the next power outage.</p><h3>Watch the on-demand presentation as Hayden discusses and demonstrates the challenges of monitoring the Internet of Things (IoT).</h3>