Mantras and Mechanics for Intelligence Empowered Organizations

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<h2>Mantras Create Empowerment, Mechanics Enable Success</h2> <p>Security teams and businesses often get bogged down in the trenches of the security battle. They are relentlessly shifting efforts from one threat or attack to the next. But what is the bigger picture here to guide evolution and making pace with the advances in attack sophistication and security controls? What can inspire, mobilize, and sustain your business and security teams to be the best? </p> <p>During his time as CSO and Deputy CISO of BT, Steve Benton, VP Anomali Threat Research & GM Belfast at Anomali, developed a set of mantras and mechanics to guide the transformation of security strategy and operations with intelligence as the steel thread through the business and MITRE as the axle for the wheels of operation. In this webinar, Steve shared these mantras and mechanics in a lively discussion with Michael Krieger, Host, Energize Marketing.</p> <p><strong>Watch the webinar to learn how implementing mantras and mechanics can enable your organization to grow and thrive with confidence. </strong></p>
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