Panel Discussion: Benefits of The Anomali Platform and Match XDR

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<h2>An Informative Q&A Session with MM-ISAC and Teck Resources</h2> <p>This discussion features Cherie Burgett, Director of Cyber Intelligence Operations, MM-ISAC and Rob Labeé, Director of Information Security, Teck Resources Limited; the panel was moderated by Sean Foster, Chief Revenue Officer, Anomali. Hear firsthand from these industry leaders how The Anomali Platform is helping organizations optimize their detection and response to get ahead of the most sophisticated attacks.</p> <!-- START: Parmonic embed for video --> <div class="parmonic-widget" data-layout="trailer-timeline" data-v-id="trailer/498b6bc97fb9779a"> </div> <script defer src="https://awjs.blob.core.windows.net/awjs/v5/aw-trailer-timeline.js"></script><script> document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function () { setupParmonicWidget(); }); </script><!-- END: Parmonic embed for video --> <p> </p> <p>In this panel discussion, our leading experts covered:</p> <ul> <li>The challenges with the volume of data and delivering timely information</li> <li>Anomali’s threat intelligence provides organizations with community insights on attackers </li> <li>Stop defending in isolation and defend as an informed community </li> <li>How The Anomali Platform has reduced risk and made it measurable </li> <li>Unexpected benefits of The Anomali Platform and Match XDR</li> </ul> <p><strong>View this informative discussion and see how Anomali can contribute to the success of your cybersecurity program.</strong> </p>
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