Ponemon Survey Results from Anomali: Closing the Threat Intelligence Effectiveness Gap

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<p>ON-DEMAND WEBCAST</p><h2>Closing the Threat Intelligence Effectiveness Gap</h2><p>In a recently published Ponemon Institute report, "The Value of Threat Intelligence: Annual Study of North American & United Kingdom Companies," found:</p><ul><li>85% rated the importance of Threat Intelligence as very high in achieving a strong cybersecurity posture</li><li>50% say that their Threat Intelligence internal resources and expertise are not sufficient</li><li>41% feel that they are utilizing their threat intelligence effectively</li></ul><p>Tune into this on-demand webinar to learn about the overload of threat intelligence data and what your peers are citing as important in the day-to-day protection of their networks. Mark Allen, Head of Security Architecture at Anomali, will cover the following topics:</p><ul><li>The State of Threat Detection: How can you get a clearer insight into verified threats targeting your organization?</li><li>Eight Best Practices in Threat Intelligence: What are the best strategies you can start using today?</li><li>To Share or Not to Share: How should security practitioners share potentially sensitive threat intelligence?</li><li>Threat Detection Strategies and Threat Hunting: Proactively find and mitigate threats?</li></ul><h3>Watch the on-demand webinar.</h3>
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