Predicting Emerging Threats to Evolve your Threat Hunting Strategy

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<h2>Use Anomali ThreatStream to Leverage Cybersixgill&#39;s Dark Web Monitoring Solutions</h2> <p>This virtual threat briefing highlights the value of using threat intelligence to understand better threats facing an organization and how tying the work and effort back to an organization&#39;s goals provides valuable metrics for management to make better, more informed decisions.</p> <p><strong>DATE: Thursday, December 9, 2021<br /> TIME: </strong><strong>1:00 PM SGT | 4:00 PM AEDT | 6:00 PM NZDT</strong></p> <p>In this webinar, Anomali Solutions Architect, Glen Barclay and, Cybersixgill&#39;s Security Research Lead, Dov Learner will dive into the deep and dark web. Cybersixgill discovers previously unknown hacking tools, malware, and compromised infrastructure. Learn more about these threats and how you can use ThreatStream to protect your organization.</p> <ul> <li>How organizations collect, research, and understand relevant deep dark web threat intelligence</li> <li>How aggregating collected intelligence allows for more efficient research</li> <li>How linking intelligence and related activities back to organizational goals can inform better decisions made by management</li> </ul> <p><strong>Register today to keep your security team one step ahead!<br /> <br /> <img alt="" src="{assets_5307:https://www.anomali.com/files/New_Anomali_Logo_White_RGB_2021_(1).png}" style="width: 289px; height: 30px;" /></strong><br /> <br /> <img alt="" src="{assets_5304:https://www.anomali.com/images/uploads/cybersixgill-logo-377-112.png}" style="width: 289px; height: 89px;" /></p>
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