Prioritizing Cyber Threat Intelligence for Middle East Companies and Entities

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<h2>Defining intelligence requirements with Anomali and Digital14</h2> <p><br /> <strong>DATE: Wednesday, 6th October 2021<br /> TIME: 3:30 pm GMT+4 | 12:30 pm BST | 60 minutes</strong><br /> <br /> In this webinar, Anomali Solutions Consultant Andrew de Lange and Digital14 Senior Analyst, Matteo Mariani, will present Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) in the Middle East, offering advice and recommendations on collecting threat intel, analyzing it, and using it to build a stronger cyber defence.</p> <p>Rapid expansion and digitization within the Middle East are creating a large attack surface for threat actors. The Middle East has its unique adversaries with special tools and techniques. CTI is of paramount importance in improving security effectiveness to enable better-informed security and business decisions. Ultimately allowing organizations to take decisive action to protect their users, data, and reputation against adversaries.</p> <p><strong>Key Takeaways:</strong></p> <ul> <li>What is threat intelligence?</li> <li>TIP core functions and capabilities </li> <li>How to analyze threat intelligence for your unique organizational needs?</li> </ul> <p><strong>Register today to keep your security team one step ahead!  </strong></p> <p><img alt="" src="{assets_3952:https://www.anomali.com/images/uploads/Anomali_Logo_WhiteWhite.png}" style="width: 289px; height: 27px;" /><br /> <br /> <img alt="" src="{assets_5129:https://www.anomali.com/images/uploads/White_logo_digital14.png}" style="height: 70px; width: 200px;" /></p>
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