Ransomware—From Humble Beginnings to Monster of Masses: Detect ‘19 Series

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<p>ON-DEMAND WEBCAST</p><p>Ransomware has steadily evolved since it was first reported in 1989, and since that time it has simultaneously become more accessible to threat actors of all levels of sophistication. Early ransomware families were simple, and primary functions included encrypting file names, hiding directories, and using symmetric cryptography. Some ransomware families were only distributed by physical means (e.g. floppy disks, while others by using initial email platforms, and still others utilizing multiple methods).<br /> <br /> Fast forward to 2019 and some ransomware families have emerged as a tool for actors in targeted attacks. Threat actors have learned that some people caught in large-scale distribution methods may not be able to pay for the files back, but a large company specifically targeted for such payment may be more likely to pay to get their valuable data back.<br /> <br /> <strong>This on-demand presentation, led by Breandan McCavana, Security Researcher at Anomali, will touch on ransomware milestone points over the past 30 years and contributing factors that brought ransomware to where it is today. Watch it today.</strong></p>