SANS 2020 Vulnerability Management Survey

<h2>Vulnerability Identification Does Not Equal Vulnerability Management</h2> <p>In this webinar, David Hazar, survey author, addresses the SANS 2020 Vulnerability Management Survey and focuses on how organizations&#39; vulnerability programs evolve and maturing in response to changing technology, architecture, and design. It also explores how organizations are identifying vulnerabilities in their applications and non-traditional infrastructure.</p> <p>Additionally, the survey looks at how organizations prioritize vulnerabilities and what risk attributes they are using to prioritize or group work. Finally, the survey explores who is responsible for treating or remediating discovered vulnerabilities, and how mature the respondents feel they manage different types of vulnerabilities within various technology components, services, and even third-parties or partners.</p> <p>The webinar will address critical issues such as:</p> <ul> <li>How organizations are discovering different types of vulnerabilities on other systems and within their applications along with discovery frequencies</li> <li>What remediation processes are operational and the level of maturity</li> <li>How vulnerabilities are prioritized and whether deadlines are established</li> <li>Who in the organization is responsible for the different processes related to vulnerability management</li> </ul> <p><strong>Learn more about vulnerability management and how vulnerability programs are continually evolving by watching this on-demand webinar today.</strong></p>

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