SC Media: Closing the Cybersecurity Gap with Reactive Intelligence

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<h2>You May Not Stop Every Attacker Who Targets Your Network—But Detection Can Stop Them In Their Tracks</h2><p>It seems that every time we see advancements in threat intelligence and analytics, the bad guys are already a step ahead. The money we spend on new threat intelligence products, data feeds, and training can prove to be lacking.</p><p>Attackers are still finding their way into our networks, stealing our data, and making data security teams look like children playing against the pros. While we often talk about threat intel as a tool for proactive attack deterrence and interception, the technology is equally useful—if not more—in reactive identification of successful intrusions.</p><p>This SC Media 20/20 webcast looks at what we can do today to better prepare for the attacks by understanding the threat intelligence ecosystem and improving how quickly CISOs can identify attackers already within the network. We&#39;ll discuss:</p><ul><li>What makes up the threat intelligence ecosystem</li><li>The benefits of utilizing the full scope of the threat intelligence ecosystem</li><li>How to harness the power of reactive intelligence and detection capabilities</li></ul><p><strong>View the webcast today.</strong></p>
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