So You Have Threat Intelligence, Now What?
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So You Have Threat Intelligence, Now What?: Detect ‘19 Series


Maintaining a well-organized aggregation of cyber threat intelligence (CTI) is a critical step to effective threat detection, but once you have that CTI, what do you do with it? Especially, when it comes to threat hunting. 

As a satellite ISP providing internet connections to high-level customers in remote locations, availability and confidentiality are critical service components Viasat strives to protect. In order to do this, we've broken away from the traditional analyst driven security mold to integrate engineers, data scientists, intelligence professionals, and incident responders into our security operations center (SOC). The Viasat team has developed methodologies they would like to share with the CTI community that allow them to hunt for threats in real-time, combining behavioral analytics with network activity characterization. 

In this on-demand session Jessica O’Bryan, Cyber Threat Intelligence & Threat Hunt Development Lead at Viasat will share how to equip your network security teams with intelligence-driven knowledge to improve their ability to hunt evil.

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