Stay Ahead of Attacks: How to Reduce Noise and Break Down Silos

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<h2>Observing Data Through a Single Lens is Critical</h2> <p>Learn how The Anomali Platform uses big data management, machine learning, and the world’s largest intelligence repository to automatically correlate all security telemetry against active threat intelligence to enable organizations to understand what’s happening inside and outside their network.</p> <p>In this presentation, Andrew de Lange, Technical Director at Anomali, examines: </p> <ul> <li>How to understand and break down security silos</li> <li>How Anomali Match XDR unifies security silos with actionable threat intelligence at scale</li> <li>Network, email, and endpoint telemetry along with actionable threat data</li> <li>The ability to observe all your data under a single lens to answer essential questions faster </li> </ul> <p><strong>Watch the webinar to understand how your organization can build a more unified approach to the security solutions in your environment. </strong></p>
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