Detect LIVE Feb 21 — Sunburst Under a Microscope: What It Is, What It Does, and Where It Came From | Kaspersky

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<h2>Supply Chain Attacks Have Proven Successful for Sophisticated Cybercriminal Groups</h2> <p>In this webinar, Costin Raiu, Head of Global Threat Research for Kaspersky and a member of the Virus Bulletin Technical Advisory Board, provides a deep dive on the Sunburst malware and related artifacts used in the SolarWinds backdoor attack.</p> <p>He walks through their research and analysis and clarifies what is known at this point in time—as well as what is still unknown about the attack some are calling the largest collective breach of all time.</p> <p>He&#39;ll share:</p> <ul> <li>The SolarWinds "potential vulnerability" UNC2452 / DarkHalo</li> <li>Similar code fragments found in Kuzar</li> <li>Important timelines and overall findings</li> </ul> <p>Watch the webinar for countermeasures you can take to increase your protection against high-profile supply chain attacks like Sunburst.</p>