Taking Security from Intelligence to Detection with XDR

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<h2>An Intelligence-Driven Approach to XDR</h2> <p>Extended Detection and Response (XDR) means many different things depending on who you ask. What’s important is not what we think XDR means but instead what XDR can achieve. XDR solutions can help you visualize complex cyber-attacks, improve mean time to detection and automate responses. In this webinar, we use the real-world Log4Shell vulnerability as an example to show how you can apply an XDR methodology to create actionable insights and improve your cyber resilience.</p> <p>In this presentation, Chris Needs, VP of Product Management, and Finian Mackin, Director of Product Management, both at Anomali, cover the following:</p> <ul> <li>Collect, process, and analyze multiple sources of security telemetry</li> <li>Produce actionable insights to identify new threats</li> <li>Reduce your mean time to respond to cyber threats</li> <li>Help find and mitigate vulnerabilities like Log4Shell</li> </ul> <p><strong>Watch the webinar to learn what actions you can take to improve your cyber resilience.</strong></p>
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