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The 2020 SANS Security Operations Center (SOC) Survey

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Skilled People and Sophisticated Technologies are Key to Building and Optimizing a SOC

A security operations center (SOC) must combine skilled people, effective processes and efficient technologies in order to be set-up for success. Previous SANS surveys have shown that the capabilities of employees are the prime prerequisite to enable organizations to define critical SOC processes, architect impactful security solutions, and efficiently operate security systems.

From that skills base, sophisticated technologies and tools can be used as a force multiplier. CISOs and SOC managers who can reduce or close their critical skills gaps have the highest probability of minimizing business impact from cyberattacks when budgets and staffing are constrained. In this webinar, John Pescatore, SANS Director of Emerging Security Trends, covers the following topics:

  • Hiring managers’ sources for potential new hire candidates
  • Highly sought after skill sets for new employees
  • Preferred hands-on experience with specific technologies
  • Obstacles in delaying or mitigating the need for additional staff

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how to maximize your SOC’s efficiency and effectiveness.