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The Evolution of Adversary Defense

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Keeping Pace with Today and Tomorrow’s Threats

The threat landscape continues to evolve, with threat actors and techniques increasing in sophistication. Organizations need to clearly understand their relevant threat landscape and ensure the tech tools they’ve deployed can keep up to identify and stop potential intrusions.


This session features Hugh Njemanze, President and Founder of Anomali, where he shares insights on the expanding threat landscape and how enterprises can be proactive. Hugh covers: 

  • The criticality of focusing on who the bad actors are, what campaigns they are pursuing, who they are likely to target, and their overarching mission 
  • Daily telemetry, forensic telemetry, telemetry across cybersecurity silos
  • How enabling security researchers and analysts to move up to higher levels of abstraction is a powerful concept
  • Anomali’s focus on helping customers benefit from the continuing evolution of cybersecurity defense technologies

Watch the webinar to learn how to move from monitoring to detection and response.