The Intersection of Threat Intelligence and Business Objectives: Detect ‘18 Presentation Series

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<h2>Determining the Value of Your Threat Intelligence Teams, Organizations, Processes, and Tools</h2><p>Intelligence exists as a supporting function. It always has a purpose–to inform decision-making and drive action. In the government, this is inherently understood, and the value of intelligence is easy to derive. The terminology of Threat Intelligence (TI) is usually not compatible with the business lexicon, leading to a misunderstanding of the purpose and value of threat intelligence.</p><p>While there are a few ways to address this, Travis Farral and Justin Swisher will look in depth at one specific method that helps TI teams convey their value to the business–linking the TI program to macro level business objectives.</p><h3>Watch the on-demand presentation to learn more about how the value of threat intelligence can be portrayed to businesses.</h3>