The Joule Thief: A Look Into Threat Activity

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<p>ON-DEMAND WEBCAST</p> <h2>The Cryptominer Champion Rocke</h2> <p>Cisco Talos released a report on a new threat actor that they named “Rocke” back in August of 2018. Even though their activity was exposed to the public, the threat actor hasn&#39;t stopped stealing enterprises&#39; CPU cycles for profit; wasting precious energy for the hardware owner. Instead, Rocke has constantly evolved its tools and techniques to increase their potential targets.</p> <p>This presentation will look into the threat actor’s activity and how it has changed from the first campaign reported by Cisco Talos to the most recent active campaign detected and reported by Anomali Threat Research.</p> <p>Get an in-depth look at malware, tools, techniques, and procedures used by the threat actor. At the end of this presentation, the audience will know how to protect their CPU cycles from being stolen by Rocke. Unfortunately, already stolen joules cannot be returned.</p> <h3>Watch the on-demand webcast led by Joakim Kennedy, Threat Intel Manager at Anomali, today.</h3>