The Weakest Link: Detect ‘18 Presentation Series

<p>In the world of false flag operations, determining how to defend against modern advanced attacks in all levels of your enterprise is very similar to how football teams counter offensive measures of various schemes and styles in high-pressure games. Like in the modern football landscape, cyber security defense methodologies and enterprise solutions are mainly in reactive mode. This leaves organizations several steps behind adversaries who are constantly on the attack and targeting to take advantage of the weakest links in security levels: the user. Research is presenting vast amounts of attribution to indicators of compromise that leverage phishing attacks, social engineering, stolen credentials, and other various tactics that leave an organization defenseless.</p><p>This presentation was given by Kris Palmer, Principal Security Engineer at Anomali. He covers:</p><ul><li>How highly targeted users can arm themselves with proactive detection insight</li><li>How to conduct advanced forensics</li><li>How to adapt and pivot to associated threats through incident response</li><li>How to facilitate offensive threat hunting</li></ul><p>Watch the on-demand presentation to learn how your organization can become more resilient and reinforce weak links.</p>

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