Threat or Not? Actionable Threat Intel and Informed Decision Making: Detect ‘18 Presentation Series

<h2>Trigger Active Blocking On Your Perimeter by Leveraging Rapidly Shared Threat Context from Threat Intelligence Platforms</h2><p>In this presentation, Frank Lange, Principal Security Architect from Anomali, covers the pros and cons of analyst-driven responses, versus fully-automated countermeasures when reacting to cyber threats. A real-world use case will show how threat intelligence supports informed decision-making, rendering existing security infrastructure that much more effective.</p><p>We&#39;ll focus on:</p><ul><li>The value of threat intelligence context</li><li>How to make informed decisions based on threat intelligence</li><li>T.I.M.E = Threat Intelligence Makes Efficiency</li></ul><h3>Watch this presentation to learn how to make smart and informed decisions.</h3>

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