ThreatBot: API Integration, Slack Bots, and Happines

ThreatBot—API Integration, Slack Bots, and Happiness: Detect ‘19 Series


In this presentation, Will Rodina, a Threat Intelligence Analyst at a large financial institution, will cover a brief overview of the CyBot framework, adapting application program interface (API) code for use with Slack, and sample use cases. Threat intelligence platforms are a great shared resource for operational teams, but sometimes attempting to collaborate in real-time in support of an investigation can be difficult. Sharing full URLs or copy and pasting data into a group chat is not always efficient, and not all involved parties may have login access.

Building on Cylance's "CyBot" framework, Mr. Rodina has created a working prototype of Slack bot commands that take advantage of API integration. This allows a team to rapidly query and have the information shared and readily available to all interested parties.

In this on-demand presentation, Mr. Rodina will give a brief overview of the CyBot framework, share the API code he’s created, and walk through a few example use cases as a demonstration. Watch today.

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