Tracking and Detecting Sunburst In Your Network


Tracking and Detecting Sunburst (And the Next Big One) In Your Network

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Simple Security Questions Shouldn't Be Challenging to Answer

The Sunburst / SolarWinds attack illustrates the dwell-time problem we continue to see in advanced cyberattacks. In this hands-on demo session Joe Gehrke, Solutions Architect at Anomali, walks through how security analytics work with SIEMs to immediately answer the most fundamental question: Have we been impacted?

He also reviews how continuous retrospective search can speed threat detection, investigation, and response—particularly for critical events like Sunburst.

He'll discuss: 

  • Challenges to threat detection 
  • SIEM data overload—and how to overcome it 
  • Automated detection and threat hunting with strategic intelligence 

Watch the session to learn important steps your organization can take when it comes to major security breaches.