Transforming Incident Response to Intelligent Response: Detect ‘19 Series

<p>ON-DEMAND WEBCAST</p><h2>Using Intelligence-Driven Solutions</h2><p>Cyber practitioners are faced with the urgent challenge of investigating intrusion attempts by synthesizing large volumes of data and disparate sources of information into a contextualized report with actionable insights. Moreover, different security incidents necessitate different analytic procedures to be employed to better understand the case. However, it can be a manually intensive process.<br /> <br /> In this on-demand presentation, Yulong Gan, Senior Software Engineer, and Roberto Sanchez, Director of Threat & Sharing Analysis from Anomali, will provide tried-and-true analytic methods for obtaining actionable insights on cyber incidents, while transforming these analytic methods into an automated, seamless workflow using enrichment software development kits (SDKs).</p><p>By combining field-tested analytic tradecraft with technological solutions, security professionals will be able to build the context of cyber events and incidents while quickly visualizing in a directed link analysis graph or a single pane of glass allowing them to take appropriate actions to protect and defend their enterprises.<br /> <br /> <strong>Watch it today!</strong></p>

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