Why a Threat Intelligence Platform is the Pivotal Solution in Your Security Stack

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<h2>Learn How a Threat Intelligence Platform Enriches, Aggregates, and Normalizes Threat Data to Help You Become More Resilient to Cyber Attacks</h2> <p>Threat data is everywhere, it comes from IT systems in our corporate networks, third-party threat intelligence feeds and is even reported in our local news. But all of this data is merely that, data. In fact, as the amount of data increases, if we can’t distill that data into relevant, actionable intelligence, our security resilience can actually <em>decrease</em>.<br /> <br /> Our threat intelligence teams spend too much of their valuable time wading through data noise trying to identify valid threats. SOC analysts are inundated with minor alerts creating alert fatigue, and worse, our incident response teams waste too much time weeding through false positives and risk rapidly reacting to actual catastrophic attacks.</p> <p>In this talk, learn from one of our industry’s top security experts, Gino Rombley, Senior Solutions Engineer with Anomali. Gino explains how to deploy and maximize the value of a Threat Intelligence Platform.</p> <ul> <li>Consolidate threat intelligence feeds</li> <li>Apply historical data to learn from past mistakes</li> <li>Deduplicate data to reduce data noise</li> <li>Turn data into intelligence</li> </ul> <p><strong>Learn how to improve your cybersecurity resilience with a Threat Intelligence Platform.</strong></p>
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