Why Hackers Hack: Understanding Threats and Motivations for Online Intrusion

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<p>To develop a strong defense, you must have a good understanding of who is likely to attack your organization – and why.</p><p>In this Dark Reading webinar, a top expert discusses the different types of attackers that may test your defenses, and the different methods that each category of attacker might use to penetrate your systems. You’ll also get advice and recommendations on how to use your knowledge of attackers to build a more effective, customized defense that increases the security of your critical data.</p><p>Attend and you&#39;ll Learn:</p><ul><li><strong>Which</strong> attackers target what types of organizations, people and industries</li><li><strong>Which</strong> attackers target what types of data and systems</li><li><strong>How</strong> different attackers exploit or destroy systems</li><li><strong>What</strong> questions you must ask your line-of-business managers in order to fully understand your organization, data, and the attackers who might target them</li></ul><p>Don&#39;t miss your chance to come away with a plan for building a more customized risk-based defense for the real threats to your organization, register today.</p>
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