Zero to Hero – Speed Up Your Zero Day Attack Response

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<!-- START: Parmonic embed for video --> <h2 class="parmonic-widget" data-layout="trailer-timeline" data-v-id="trailer/21e0b5ce7fd994a3">Quickly Move from News of a Zero Day Exploit to Detecting Compromise and Predicting the Adversary’s Next Moves </h2> <p>The Anomali Platform drastically reduces the time to collect, detect, hunt, and prevent further attacks using the world&#39;s largest repository of curated threat intelligence, natural language processing, and the ability to perform near-instantaneous retrospective search at scale. </p> <p>This technical webinar will give your team the tools to efficiently and effectively hunt, contain, and eradicate the threat.</p> <p>Watch the session and get a demonstration of how to:</p> <ul> <li>Quickly collect, analyze, and distribute new threat intelligence</li> <li>Perform multi-year searches at speed and scale to detect malicious activity</li> <li>Predict the adversaries next moves using the MITRE ATT&CK framework</li> </ul> <p>Start mitigating zero day exploits!</p> <h3>Speakers</h3> <p>James Cruickshanks, Senior Sales Engineer, Anomali</p> <p>Mike Munn, Senior Sales Engineer, Anomali</p>
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