United States of America Cybersecurity Profile from Anomali Labs

United States of America: Anomali Labs Cybersecurity Profile

The most powerful country in the world has one of the oldest and most sophisticated cybersecurity programs. Attributed to attacks against countries like Iran, including Stuxnet. The United States has a track record of using offensive techniques against potential threats to national security.

The United States has an increasingly complex foreign policy climate, which is likely to create events in which offensive cyber-attacks will be weighed as an option. In order for cyber defenders to prepare for adversaries at the individual, organized-crime, and government level, they must understand how the country tactically operates and why they strategically choose to do so.

This research report from Anomali Labs provides a thorough examination of the United States, including:

  • Current Political, Economic, and Security Landscape
  • National Cyber Strategy
  • Intelligence Apparatus
  • Previous Activity
  • Future Concerns: China, Russia, Iran, DPRK, Pakistan

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