Why Anomali?

Threat Intelligence is Just Data, Unless It’s Relevant
Threat Intelligence is just data unless it is relevant to your organization. Seeing a threat intelligence indicator of compromise in your own data is the first step in identifying an adversary in a threat actor, a campaign, or a cyber attack.

The Threat Intelligence Platform Redefined

Threat intelligence data is now it’s own big data problem. Anomali’s Breach Analytics Solution:

  • Provides an automated real-time look at your log data through the lens of threat intelligence.
  • Matches are an indication of a data breach.
  • Provides a vast, curated and constantly updated threat data IOC library backed up by our Anomali Labs research team.
  • Provides trusted circles for peer group collaboration.
  • Gives you the ability to pivot through threat data to understand threat actors using specific techniques for specific campaigns.

The Value of Relevance

While threat intelligence data is useful for threat analysts to understand threat actors and figuring out what threats might be of concern to your organization:

  • How do you make it actionable for incident responses and SOC personnel?
  • With millions of threat indicators contained in the threat intelligence data how do threat analysts stay focused on the few that could indicate a data breach?
  • How does an organization apply the most resources to the most critical threats at the right time?

The Value of Threat Intelligence

Properly applied and curated, threat intelligence allows an organization to quickly gain awareness of threats and prioritize its remediation and threat prevention and protection efforts.

Anomali Means Faster Detection

Knowing if you are breached and and reducing adversary dwell time means minimizing the loss of financial, intellectual property, customer and employee data.