Personas, Processes and Products: Who benefits?

At Anomali, we believe that threat intelligence should not just be available to the 1% of customers with a mature security practice and robust security architecture. The 99% of businesses also need security situational awareness. 451 Research calls the 99% those that are “Living Below the Security Poverty Line.” Anomali Reports and Anomali Enterprise Breach Analytics provide robust solutions for both constituencies.

IT Personnel (Small and medium business)

Anomali Reports provides an easy to use Anomali’s breach detection service to extract additional value from log data already being collected. Anomali can tell you what systems are communicating with known botnets and infected websites. Live report links to additional threat actor information jump start security investigations by contract security teams.

Threat Analysts

The ThreatStream Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) was purpose built for this group. With investigation workflows, vetted trusted circles, access to our Modern Honey Net, curated threat data and data integrations into other SIEM products. The threat analyst can reduce the number of IOCs. Anomali Enterprise Breach Analytics can be configured to provide the same threat analyst capabilities as the ThreatStream TIP.

Security Operations Personnel

ThreatStream TIP helps analysts provide a set of indicators of compromise for use by the operations team and incident responders. Anomali Enterprise automatically matches IOCs found in log data with IOCs found in up-to-the-minute threat data. IOC matches prioritize incident response and threat analyst activities.


The Chief Information Security Officer sees a united cohesive, efficient team of threat analysts, incident responders, and SOC personnel making intelligence driven decisions about the most critical threats. Harmony Breach Analytics makes it possible to align processes across the security teams.


Whether you lead a small, medium or large enterprise, you need to understand the security posture of your organization. For small and medium sized organizations, a data breach can mean the end or your business. Security has become a key differentiator for your business. Having security posture awareness can be the difference between winning and losing a competitive contract for services or limiting brand damage from a data breach.