From Data to Action: SANS 2023 SOC Survey Insights

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Key Survey Results Analyzed by a SANS Expert

 Modern security operation centers (SOCs) are constantly evolving, and the SANS 2023SOC Survey accounted for that. In its seventh year, the annual survey collected answers to new (and familiar) questions from 641 respondents, transforming the qualitative and quantitative data into actionable insights for SOC teams.

Join Christopher Crowley, Senior SANS Instructor and lead author of the SANS 2023SOC Survey report, in this webinar as he provides an analysis of the survey’s key findings related to:

  • SOC Functions: top capabilities and detection methods of SOCs, trends for outsourcing, metrics collection, SOAR tuning, and SIEM data ingestion
  • SOC Resources: common practices for budgeting and funding allocation, top tools and technologies for SOC utilization
  • SOC Staffing: skills to look for when hiring, average team size and duration of employment, tips for employee retention, and opportunities for remote work 

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn more about the survey’s results and how they can apply to your organization.

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