Reimagine Security Operations: Unlock Business Transformation with Modern Security Analytics

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Security Operations Centers (SOC) are the core element of every cybersecurity defense. With more parts of the business becoming technology-driven, security operations assume a more critical role in business performance. CISOs are more frequently now addressing the board on a regular basis.

While the traditional capabilities of the SOC, like log management, detection & response, etc., haven’t gone away, security analytics for modern organizations increasingly demands more. Often SOCs and the people who work there are under tremendous pressure with security events growing exponentially and are tasked with taking on adversaries who are not constrained by rules of engagement.

In this webinar:

  • We explore the changing role of the SOC
  • How and why successful leaders have driven a transition from a technology-focused to a business-focused SOC
  • How they’ve approached security analytics to power the business
  • How they’ve managed to align their teams, technologies, and processes to make an organizational impact
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