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<h2>Detection and Disruption Across the Public Attack Surface</h2> <p>In this webinar, Damian Skeeles Principal Architect at Anomali and Dr Sam Small Chief Security Officer at ZeroFOX discusses how the public attack surface is rapidly expanding. Forward-thinking security operations teams are learning how to address institutional impacts beyond the perimeter that can negatively impact brand reputation, create compliance issues, and threaten executives.</p> <p>Discover how security teams are correlating external and internal threats to improve their security posture, triage external threat alerts, and strengthen their defences beyond the perimeter.</p> <p>Key Takeaways:</p> <ul> <li>Understand the TTPs of 2021’s most pervasive public attack surface threats and detect early warning signs for future attacks to revenue streams and consumer confidence</li> <li>Translate external digital threat activity into proactive security measures for corporate and customer assets</li> <li>Learn how to effectively take down malicious actors posing risks to brands, executives, internal networks</li> </ul> <p><strong>Watch the webinar on-demand to discover how to accelerate action, and fully disrupt threat actors.</strong></p>
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