Partner Datasheet

Partner Datasheet: LogRhythm

<h4>Company Overview</h4> <p>LogRhythm, a leader in security intelligence and analytics, empowers organizations around the globe to rapidly detect, respond to and neutralize damaging cyber threats. <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p> <h4>Product Overview</h4> <p>LogRhythm delivers solutions for next- generation SIEM, log management, endpoint/ network monitoring and forensics, security analytics, and threat lifecycle management in a unified Security Intelligence Platform.</p> <h4>Solution Highlights</h4> <p>LogRhythm’s patented machine analytics technology continually performs realtime analysis on machine data collected from across the customer environment, enabling security analysts to identify, investigate and respond to previously unknown threats.</p> <h2 class="text-center">Integrated Security and Threat Intelligence Solutions</h2> <p>The threat landscape is continually expanding and organizations are under continuous attack and overwhelmed with alerts. Thousands of incidents occur each day and security professionals only have time to deal with dozens. This creates operational chaos. Security teams need next-generation security solutions to help them respond faster, defend proactively and invest smarter.</p> <h3>Just-in-Time Intelligence</h3> <p>Threat intelligence is continuously gathered, categorized and ranked (for severity and confidence) in Anomali’s ThreatStream platform and then delivered in real-time to your LogRhythm instance for detection of security threats in your enterprise infrastructure. This enables your security and threat intelligence teams to quickly see high priority threats to your business. Each of the selected IOCs for integration into your LogRhythm instance is enriched with factors such as risk score to add context and relevance to the delivered information.</p> <h3>Benefits of the Joint Offering</h3> <p>LogRhythm and Anomali have developed an integrated solution for compre- hensive security intelligence and threat management. LogRhythm automati- cally integrates actionable intelligence from the ThreatStream Platform with other machine data collected throughout the enterprise for comprehensive, real-time threat visibility and next generation security analytics.</p> <p>By leveraging ThreatStream with LogRhythm’s Security Intelligence Platform, customers benefit from increased threat intelligence and accurate risk management. The combined solution delivers the ability to rapidly detect, validate, and streamline incident response time to cyber-attacks.</p> <h3>Analytics</h3> <p>Anomali threat intelligence can be easily configured within LogRhythm allowing threat data to be correlated with other activity in the user environment. When communication with<br /> an identified bad actor is detected, an alarm is triggered within LogRhythm’s console, allowing organizations to rapidly detect, validate, and streamline incident response time to cyber-attacks.</p> <h3>Seamless Integration</h3> <p>The Anomali Integrator connection with LogRhythm provides seamless, automatic integration of indicator data to deliver re- al-time threat intelligence to your LogRhythm deployment. With the ThreatStream platform you are ready to start using IOCs in meaningful ways more efficiently and more effectively than ever before.</p> <h3>About Anomali</h3> <p>Anomali is the leader in intelligence-driven cybersecurity. More than 1,500 public and private sector organizations rely on Anomali to see and detect threats more quickly, reduce the risk of security breaches, and improve security operations productivity. Anomali solutions serve customers around the world in nearly every major industry vertical, including many of the Global 2000. As an early threat intelligence innovator, Anomali was founded in 2013 and is backed by leading venture firms including GV, Paladin Capital Group, In-Q-Tel, Institutional Venture Partners, and General Catalyst.</p> <h4>Benefits of Anomali</h4> <ul> <li>Easy-to-use interface to view threat information received through STIX/ TAXII feeds.</li> <li>Analyze and correlate data into actionable information: SIEM rules, reports, and dashboards.</li> <li>Pinpoint IOCs—quickly search for</li> <li>a specific indicator, search for an indicator type over a time range, and drill-down into details.</li> <li>Eliminate unnecessary, duplicative and irrelevant indicators—before they enter your infrastructure.</li> <li>Identify and prioritize the events that matter now—without DIY scripting.</li> <li>Machine-to-Machine learning algorithms scale to accommodate thousands of IOCs per minute across your environment.</li> </ul> <h3>About LogRhythm</h3> <p>LogRhythm empowers organizations to detect, respond to and neutralize cyber threats early in the threat lifecycle to prevent damaging data breaches and cyber incidents. LogRhythm solutions also deliver rapid compliance automation and assurance, and enhanced IT intelligence.</p> <p>LogRhythm’s award-winning Security Intelligence Platform integrates next-gen SIEM and log management with network forensics, endpoint monitoring and multidimensional security analytics. Its collaborative incident response orchestration and patented SmartResponse automation framework help security teams perform end-to-end threat lifecycle management. LogRhythm’s unified solution powers the next-gen SOC, accelerating the detection and response to emergent threats across the holistic attacksurface.</p> <h4>Benefits of LogRhythm</h4> <ul> <li>Next Generation SIEM and Log Management.</li> <li>Endpoint forensics, with registry and file integrity monitoring.</li> <li>Network Forensics with Application ID and Full Packet Capture.</li> <li>Behavioral analytics for holistic threat detection (users, networks and endpoints).</li> <li>Rapid unstructured and contextual search.</li> <li>End-to-end incident response orchestration workflows to support team collaboration.</li> <li>SmartResponse™ automation framework.</li> <li>Integrated Case Management.</li> </ul> <p><em>For more information contact Anomali sales at <a href=""></a> or LogRhythm sales at <a href=""></a>.</em></p>