White Paper

Cyber Crime in the Payments Industry: Anomali Threat Research

<h2>Criminals Will Adapt Their Techniques to More Creatively Steal Digital Payment Card Data</h2> <p>Given the continued growth of innovative and disruptive technologies being introduced in the payment sector, we expect threat actors—particularly financially-motivated groups—to evolve their tactics in order to exploit weaknesses in these technologies and their implementation while employing tried-and-true tactics such as social engineering to compromise payment systems.</p> <p>One of the biggest challenges facing retailers, merchants and payment processors is detecting cyber threats as early as possible and taking action to defeat attacks. Threat intelligence provides insight into malicious actors targeting your sector, geography, community, etc. Organizations are turning to threat intelligence to understand their adversaries, learn how to detect when they are being targeted, and combat threats efficiently.</p> <h3>Read the paper to get our 2019 attack predictions for the payment sector.</h3>

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