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About Detect LIVE

Anomali’s intelligence-driven approach scales security operations to stop both breaches and attackers. Detect LIVE, brought to you by Anomali, is a virtual event series that provides a platform for security executives, practitioners, and researchers to share insights and experiences on how global threat intelligence can increase threat visibility, and enhance detection and response capabilities to transform security operations.


Virtual Event Series


Detect LIVE: Know Your Adversary

In this year’s Detect LIVE series, we are focusing on knowing your adversary. A recent study found that cybercriminals can penetrate 93 percent of company networks. Today’s threat actors have never been as advanced or well-funded to carry out their activities.

With the increasing number of cyberattacks growing in size and complexity, organizations are under additional pressure to defend themselves. Threat actors today can vary from hacktivists, unscrupulous competitors, disgruntled insiders, criminals, terrorists, or entire nation-states.

Despite continued investments in cybersecurity, the threat landscape remains challenging. Digital transformation, hybrid workforces, and connected digital ecosystems have expanded the potential attack surface, making organizations even more vulnerable to attacks.

While cyber threats are universal, certain threats and threat actors target specific industries and verticals. It’s essential to understand the threat landscape as it applies to you and how you are being targeted to improve the orchestration of security operations.

It’s time to get intelligent about cybersecurity. It’s time to focus on the adversary.


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