Strategies to Develop & Deploy a World-Class CTI Capability


Detect LIVE – Strategies to Develop & Deploy a World-Class CTI Capability | Flashpoint | May 2023

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Best Practices, Methodologies, and Considerations

Evaluating a cyber threat landscape and engaging in a well-defined, methodical process to run a cyber threat intelligence (CTI) program can feel daunting without some kind of framework. This webinar will define a simple, repeatable, and outcome-driven process for developing and deploying CTI to understand and proactively respond to threats and demystify your cyber threat landscape.

After this session, you will know how to:

  • Recognize your likely cyber threat problem (hypothesis)
  • Determine your desired outcomes (stakeholders)
  • Identify and engage in a systematic process that allows you to test hypotheses and provide beneficial outcomes to stakeholders in order to influence better decisions and, thus, better results

Developing a CTI program doesn’t need to be intimidating. Watch the webinar to learn how to develop and deploy a successful program.