Detect LIVE – From Insights to Action | May 2023

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<h2>Ten Things You Can Do to Amplify Visibility and Unlock the SOC</h2> <p>“The only limits are those of the vision,” goes an old saying by James Broughton. It couldn’t be truer in cybersecurity. We are often limited by our visibility into ever-evolving attackers and the constantly changing IT environment. This session explores the top 10 things organizations have done to unlock their visibility, unblock their SOC, and translate visibility to (business) value. </p> <p>This presentation should help you answer questions around:</p> <ul> <li>What data sources are more critical for ensuring enterprise visibility?</li> <li>How do I translate threat intel feeds to strategic insights?</li> <li>How do I optimize my data and team silos?</li> <li>How do I optimize my existing security investments against the threat landscape?</li> </ul> <p><strong>Watch the webinar to learn how to eliminate the obstructions in your cybersecurity visibility. </strong> </p>
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