Detect LIVE – A Change in Perspective Can Enhance Your Visibility to Detect Cyberthreats | April 2023

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<h2>Utilizing an Outside-In, Top-Down Approach Provides Key Insights </h2> <p>Most organizations focus their time and resources on collecting logs from their environment, whether on-premise or cloud devices. They may excel in this process but typically find identifying external threats amongst the data difficult. This is often due to a need for more historical visibility in what logs are readily available for adversarial detection or the inability to consume all the external intelligence into solutions holding their logs.<br /> <br /> Another common challenge is immediately correlating all log data against new external intelligence. And finally, there is a failure to search for attacks related to adversaries in a straightforward and swift top-down search.</p> <p>Parthi Sankar, Technical Director of Northern Europe for Anomali, demonstrates the solution to these universal problems. By amplifying visibility through an outside-in, top-down approach, you are continuously correlating all logs and external threat intelligence, making it simple and quick to search for the activity of adversaries of interest in your environment. <br /> <br /> <strong>Watch this session to learn how this approach allows you to detect ever-increasing adversarial attackers and stop breaches.</strong></p>
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