Detect LIVE – What to Expect From Today’s Threat Landscape – A Panel Discussion | February 2023

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<h2>An Informative Session with Experts from TAG Cyber, PolySwarm, and Anomali</h2> <p>Digital transformation not only fundamentally changed the way we work, but it’s also expanded the current threat landscape exponentially. Today’s enterprise attack surface is dynamic, transitory, and has far more available for attackers to target than ever before, making it even harder to defend against threats.</p> <p>And with the threat landscape constantly changing, the risks associated with using cloud solutions, a remote workforce, and more have opened the doors for sophisticated threat actors to deploy an array of threats. </p> <p>This session features Chris Wilder from TAG Cyber, Steve Bassi of PolySwarm, Steve Benton, and Rajiv Raghunarayan from Anomali.  </p> <p>Our experts cover:</p> <ul> <li>Lessons learned from 2022</li> <li>Industries that are the most vulnerable to cyberattacks</li> <li>The latest attack techniques</li> <li>A 2023 threat outlook</li> </ul> <p><strong>View this informative session and start implementing the best practices discussed to protect your organization from imminent threats.</strong></p>
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