September 26, 2016
Joe Franscella

5 Similar Components of the Top Cyber Threat Intelligence Companies

<p>Entrusting your network to a cyber-security platform is an investment and commitment. With all that is at stake in the event of a cyber-security crisis, it is a decision worth researching. Not all cyber threat intelligence companies have the same capabilities. Most vendors offer packages suitable to your organizations needs and budget. You’re not just shopping for software, but for future innovation and support. The best cyber-security developers have some traits in common – here are five important qualities.</p><ol><li><strong>Research and development are prioritized</strong>. Good cyber threat intelligence companies do not rest on their laurels. Hackers are continually cooking up new ways to find vulnerabilities and exploit compromised networks. Similarly, security platforms must be continually evolving. Make an effort to commit to an innovative company which will be more likely to have the next big thing sooner. Why aren’t they all continually working at the same pace? Some companies report to stockholders, which can place immediate profit over long term R&amp;D. Consider looking into how platforms are supported and how much the overall culture speaks to innovation rather than sales prowess.</li><li><strong>They facilitate integration with other platforms.</strong> The more nuanced and customized your cyber-security configuration is, the harder it is for hackers to navigate through. It’s easier to disguise honeypots when their placement is not predictable. Using firewall, SIEM and deception traps, which can all <a href="">communicate threat data in a standardized language</a>, facilitates better control and more options. So long as all security programs report to a central hub for analysis, it is a good strategy.</li><li><strong>Leverage user-generated threat data.</strong> Blacklists and malicious traffic alerts are informed by other users’ experiences. <a href="" target="_blank">Herd immunity</a> applies to shutting down hackers in the same way it stymies biological diseases. They can participate with open source threat intelligence exchanges. Open source coding fosters cooperation and innovation. It’s good business to accommodate open-source users who are ready to upgrade their system to add on proprietary feeds.</li><li><strong>Produce actionable intelligence.</strong> <a href="">Quality threat alerts</a> will make respondents’ job clear. Good alert feeds can group indicators together by threat actor and produce relatively low noise. Network settings are informed by threats and vulnerabilities particular to your industry or even your individual organization. Specific suggestions should accompany alerts, particularly for smaller companies who do not have dedicated IT security response staff.</li><li><strong>Offer quality customer support.</strong> Speaking of disaster readiness, <a href="" target="_blank">79% of small businesses have no disaster plan</a> in place. If you cannot staff a response team or explore scenarios, you must have access to experts who can help. If you’re unsure how much support you need, ask about different fee structures.</li></ol><p>Evaluate the possible solutions carefully, because a hacker needs only to succeed once. Consider that the aggregate of your past work as well as the future of your company’s reputation, and your job security are all <a href="">dependent on the sanctity of your network</a> security. If possible try to speak to other users like you about what features work or did not work for them. Most cyber threat intelligence companies offer a product demo, so you can see how the product works before you fully commit. <span class="hs-cta-wrapper" id="hs-cta-wrapper-bd3e320b-6f5f-47ad-ae30-589597d266a4"> <span class="hs-cta-node hs-cta-bd3e320b-6f5f-47ad-ae30-589597d266a4" data-hs-drop="true" id="hs-cta-bd3e320b-6f5f-47ad-ae30-589597d266a4" style="visibility: visible; display: block; text-align: center;"><a class="cta_button" cta_dest_link="{page_3457}" href=";placement_guid=bd3e320b-6f5f-47ad-ae30-589597d266a4&amp;portal_id=458120&amp;redirect_url=APefjpFvlxKkL3ddzwy45Zsfn8FVuwNoKexKW1_W98cSGG58fFfn5Fii0LLW0WN_ovqtMRfWplAj4Hs8dhS8XJLKDywhYFZZYZPO55Htz8IkGUzLI8WkL3EK2GR3-Pb5lU4Y0jxOI9-iywEX3uH6J0M8THDeHRd2eeVY7M8cVbC3_7PZuovSUiMRq_FLe44zPF-9G4NtTzYRBCF71kDx3FpzG_RxyFZfpjUeO4eUfjAn2ONhWR_uZv21HpI6wOxjyWMuOB62gjUw6HcyQIbGZn8D9J4mWRrPXePHhf94jkYnnxbBoh0RWaAdx2w0oVl56rcMdScr61EIqdYTlrvHUhm09TGXk3fd5w&amp;hsutk=2767d93d6471d657e0c9f660e4b58ef8&amp;;;pageId=4449711368&amp;__hstc=41179005.2767d93d6471d657e0c9f660e4b58ef8.1456736058655.1478467980860.1478822660171.178&amp;__hssc=41179005.26.1478822660171&amp;__hsfp=1335165674" id="cta_button_458120_bfe9d714-b9a1-4733-8b89-44b169eb6a53" style="margin: 20px auto;" target="_blank" title="Download Here"> Download Here </a> </span> <script charset="utf-8" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript">hbspt.cta.load(458120, 'bd3e320b-6f5f-47ad-ae30-589597d266a4', {});</script> </span></p>

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